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Kwame Azalius Ross
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Kwame Ross Kwame Azalius Ross Artist, Musician, Choreographer, Director, Priest has been a working artist since the age of nine. Being raised by dancing artist Juanita Ross and Azalius B. Ross, Kwame has experienced a life of Artistic investigations. As a performer he has worked with Africa 1 Dance Theater, Children of Dahomey, Viva Brazil, Forces of Nature, Song and Dance Company of Mozambique, the National Dance Theater of Nigeria, and Urban Bush Women. His leadership spans as former Associate Artistic Director of Urban Bush Women, to former Cultural Ambassador of Egypt, to presently, Founder and Artistic Director of KAR Dance Project. Mr. Ross has been commissioned by numerous organizations Long Island University, Florida A&M University, Tulane University, Lincoln Center Festival, Carnegie Hall, St. Marks Church Dance Project, Riverside Church, Cutno Artist Group, and Cairo Opera House Modern Dance Theater. Kwame A. Ross' work is based on the belief that every soul can
express itself, when given the moment and platform to voice their opinion. It is his intention to provide such platforms for expression for freedom of mind, body and spirit. Mr. Ross has studied extensively in four continents, giving a dialogue of expression of unlimited expression. He has received funding from Puffin Foundation, Jerome Foundation, Dance USA, Harkness Foundation and the National Endowment of the Arts. Presently Mr. Ross is developing a performance art work around the last fifty years of the independence of Africa. A Work titled “Our Democracy”. To be premiered in June of 2007. Also, is a collaboration with the Cutno Artist Group, of Augusta, Ga., developing a Gospel play titled “ Come Sunday” to be produced in the spring of 2008.

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